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Diodes Guard Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces Against ESD

74354-ANeubiberg, Germany: The Infineon TVS3V3L4U transient voltage suppression (TVS) diode protects Gigabit Ethernet interfaces from electrostatic discharge (ESD) events, specifically on signal lines operating at up to 3.3 V (see the figure). It features low capacitance, robustness, and excellent clamping voltage characteristics, according to the company.

The diode absorbs ±30 kV of ESD and 20-A surges without signs of degradation. Its low clamping voltage of less than 8 V for surge currents of 20 A (8/20 µs) and low capacitance of 2.9-pF I/O-GND and 1.5-pF I/O-I/O meet the signal integrity requirements of Gigabit Ethernet.

The device comes in SC74 leaded array packaging, with one component replacing up to four devices.  Another member of the surge protection family, a single-line diode with bidirectional characteristics in leadless TSLP-2 packaging, is planned for mass production before the end of 2012.


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