Diplexers Boast Low Insertion Loss, Low Parasitics

Diplexers Boast Low Insertion Loss, Low Parasitics

A new series of low-profile 0805 MLO diplexers from AVX is based on the company’s multilayer organic high-density interconnect technology. The diplexers incorporate high-dielectric constant and low-loss materials to realise high-Q printed passive elements, such as inductors and capacitors in multilayer stack-ups. Featuring low insertion losses, low parasitics, a low profile (<0.6 mm), and excellent solderability, the diplexers measure a diminutive 2.12 by 1.28 by 0.55 mm and are rated for use from –40°C to 85°C. They also feature a maximum power capacity of 4.5 W and are expansion matched to most printed-circuit board (PCB) materials. They are available in four frequencies and two terminations (gold and nickel-tin), both of which are compatible with automatic soldering technologies.


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