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Distance Measurement Sensors Pinpoint Difficult-To-Detect Objects

Distance Measurement Sensors Pinpoint Difficult-To-Detect Objects

Reliable detection of fast-moving objects or objects that are tough to detect at longer ranges distinguishes SICK’s Dx35 line of laser distance measurement sensors. A special switching mode detects difficult targets, such as black and highly reflective objects, which reduces the required number of sensors, thus saving cost. A simple remote teaching method simplifies setup and helps ensure rapid changeover. The Dx35 sensors include the company’s HDDM technology. It delivers precise, reliable measurements thanks to ambient light immunity and long temperature ranges. Sensing range reaches 35 meters. A compact housing with an IP 67 enclosure rating reduces mounting restrictions (and increases flexibility), ultimately offering enhanced performance for outdoor applications and indoor wash-down applications. Specific applications include pallet detection; roll diameter and loop control; level monitoring; crane, cab, and transfer car collision avoidance; and robot soldering, among others.


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