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Door Interlock Switch Helps Ensure That Safety Specs Are Met

Several circuitry options are available in the firm's lineup of door interlock switches. The devices are well suited for applications in industrial and office equipment, in which they provide electrical shock protection while such equipment is being serviced.The Series 76-6005 switches are designed to automatically cut off power whenever a cabinet door, drawer or cover is opened. This is a frequently encountered safety requirement. The switches are UL-rated for up to 5A at 125/250 vac and use the firm's Butterfly double-break mechanism, which is, in effect, two switches in one. The mechanism allows designers to break a normally closed circuit to interrupt main power and at the same time make a completely isolated, normally open circuit if required. For example, the switch may be wired to illuminate a low-voltage indicator lamp to show that a cabinet door is open while it interrupts main power for service. Other features include a rugged metal mounting bracket and 0.110" quick-connect terminals.


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