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Dual-Level Ultrasonic Sensors Fit In 18 mm Package

With a deadband of 38.1 mm, the SUPERPROX Model SM602 series of 18 mm ultrasonic sensors offers short-range sensing for specific dual-level control applications where mounting space is limited. The sensors monitor and control most non-hazardous liquid or dry material levels within sensing ranges up to 305 mm. They can be configured for either a specific on/off latch control function or a dual-alarm sensing function.The 18 mm threaded barrel-style housing, available in either ULTEM plastic or SS303 stainless steel, is said to be quick and easy to install in vessel covers and other hard-to-mount areas of a plant. All models operate on 12 to 24 Vdc, at a frequency of 500 kHz. For more details and prices, call HYDE PARK ELECTRONICS INC., Dayton, OH. 937-252-2121.


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