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ECL Handles AC Mains Without Damage

ECL Handles AC Mains Without Damage

Without altering high-speed communications-port signals, the company’s latest transient blocking unit (TBU) circuit protection devices are heralded as the industry’s first electronic current limiters (ECLs) designed to tolerate ac mains power contact without circuit damage.  Dubbed the TBU DT-Series, the devices provide highly-reliable protection against faults caused by short circuits, ac power cross, induction, and lightning surges. The series offers eight models and continuous ac-voltage ratings up to 425 Vrms and nominal trigger currents ranging from 150 mA to 750 mA. Components are available in surface-mount DFN packages and are lead free. As pricing examples, the TBU-DT-065 and TBU-DT-085-XXX-WH are priced at $0.69 each/15,000. BOURNS INC., Riverside, CA. (951) 784-3100.

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