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Eight-Diode ESD Array Fits In LLP1713 Package

The VESD05A8A-HNH electrostatic-discharge (ESD) array from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. integrates eight diodes in the very small, leadless LLP1713 package, which has a profile of only 0.55 mm. The device protects up to eight signal or data lines in bidirectional asymmetrical (BiAs) mode or seven lines in bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) mode. Typical capacitance of the ESD diode array is only 30 pF. Leakage current is less than 1 µA.

The diode array provides transient protection for one data line in accordance with IEC6100042 (ESD) at 25 kV (air and contact discharge) and IEC6100045 (lightning) from 4.5 A (tp = 8/20 µs). Combined with its space-saving package, this suits the VESD05A8A-HNH well for use in portable electronics for mobile computing and communication, consumer, industrial, automotive, and medical applications. The device complies with RoHS2002/95/EC and WEEE2002/96/EC.


The VESD05A8A-HNH is available now, with 10- to 12-week lead times for large orders. The array costs $12.00 in orders of 100.



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