Electric Vehicle Charging Connectors Rated To 63 A

74265-AGreat Bardfield, Essex, U.K.: A 63-A rated connector from Ecarconnectors is designed for the three-phase power supplies required for fast charging installations (see the figure). Protected to IP54, both plug and socket are rated at 63 A for 240 and 415 V ac. The socket has a spring-loaded cover for additional environmental protection. The plug has a secured dust cover for when it’s not in use. The cover comes supplied as standard with a 5-m or 3-m three-phase cable.

The company also has introduced a second generation of its Type 2 connector. The second generation has the opposite orientation to the first, making the car safer to users. These connectors are rated at 32 A at 240 V ac with a 2-A/30-V signal current. Both plug and socket are rated to IP54 and designed to meet IEC62196-2.


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