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Electronic Design UPDATE: August 23, 2006

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August 23, 2006


LabVIEW 8.20 – 20th Anniversary Edition
National Instruments LabVIEW 8.20 continues to make common tasks easier with Express technologies and wizards that automate much of your programming work. Take advantage of powerful features for developing measurement applications and open connectivity tools to integrate external applications and services.

View interactive demos and try LabVIEW 8.20 FREE online.

Today's Table Of Contents:
  1. Editor's View: Top 10 Ways To Get Greater Range And Reliability From Your Short-Range Wireless System
  2. Focus On Microcontrollers: MCUs With Up To 1 Mbyte Of Embedded Flash Target Auto Applications
  3. News From The Editors:
    Sparking Short Circuits
    Electric Sports Car Sells Out
    Tiny GPS Receiver Module Measures 15 By 15 mm
  4. Magazine Highlights: August 17, 2006
    Engineering Feature: Hot Chips 18 Serves Up Another Summer Scorcher
    Technology Reprt: DSCs—The Right Size For The Right Task
    Leapfrog First Look: LabVIEW's 20th Anniversary Edition Emphasizes Communications Test
    Design View/Design Solution: Drive And Control Electronics Enhance The Brushless Motor's Advantages

Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor

editor's view

Top 10 Ways To Get Greater Range And Reliability From Your Short-Range Wireless System
By Louis E. Frenzel, Communications/Test Editor

When designing a short-range wireless system, you look for one that will give you the maximum range (distance between transmitter and receiver) and reliability that fits the application. Often, the technology choices do not always give you the range you need. So before you go nailing down a technology or standard choice it is best to do some up front calculations. First look at the available technologies and determine their maximum reliable ranges...

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focus on microcontrollers

MCUs With Up To 1 Mbyte Of Embedded Flash Target Auto Applications

NEC Electronic’s new line of microcontrollers (MCUs) is based on the company’s 0.15-µm process technology and has up to 1 Mbyte of embedded flash memory. The 8-bit Fx2 series and 32-bit Fx3 series are optimized for automotive body and safety-control applications...

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news from the editors

Sparking Short Circuits
A little short circuit can lead to big trouble. In 1996, a spark caused by faulty wiring insulation exploded fumes inside TWA Flight 800's fuel tank, leading to a horrific explosion and crash that caused the deaths of 230 people...

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Electric Sports Car Sells Out
It’s sleek. It’s fast. It’s environmentally friendly. And just three weeks after its debut, it’s sold out. Tesla Motors has sold all 100 models in its Signature One Hundred line of all-electric Roadsters. These stylish sports cars accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds, get the equivalent of 135 mpg, and can travel 250 miles on a single charge...

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Tiny GPS Receiver Module Measures 15 By 15 mm
Wi2Wi is claiming it has the industry's smallest fully-integrated global positioning system (GPS) receiver module. Measuring just 15 mm by 15 mm, the W2SG0001 device incorporates SiRF Technology's SiRFSTAR III GPS-enabled location technology...

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magazine highlights: August 17, 2006

\[ Cover Feature: Engineering Feature \]
Hot Chips 18 Serves Up Another Summer Scorcher
Pack your bags, since you’ve got 33 reasons to attend this year’s show.

\[ Technology Report \]
DSCs—The Right Size For The Right Task
Digital signal controllers thrive in growing niches where fast data manipulation is essential.

\[ Leapfrog: First Look \]
LabVIEW's 20th Anniversary Edition Emphasizes Communications Test
National Instruments celebrates 20 years of continuous improvement in its flagship LabVIEW graphical programming software.

\[ Design View/Design Solution \]
Drive And Control Electronics Enhance The Brushless Motor's Advantages
With the appropriate driver IC and microcontroller, designers can exploit the brushless motor's declining price, smaller size, lighter weight, and minimal maintenance.

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embedded in electronic design online

Parallax Propeller

Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Embedded Technology Editor Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "Parallax Propeller." Bill checks out the Propeller multicore microprocessor from Parallax. This is definitely not your mother’s Basic Stamp.

photos wanted!

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Grab some photos showing the "guts and glory" of you (and your team) at work. We need them for our "Day in the Life of an Electronic Designer" photo essay, which will appear in Electronic Design's Oct. 20 special issue. There's a $500 Grand Prize for best photo series and $250 prize for best photo, and we pay $50 if we use any of your photos in the issue. Please include the names and titles of all photo subjects, as well as company name and the type of work-in-process illustrated by the photo. Digital photos should be in .tif or .jpg formats and must have resolution of at least 300 dpi. Deadline for submission is Sept. 15. E-mail digital photos to Managing Editor Richard Gawel at: [email protected].

product picks online

  • Embedded Hardware/Software: UART Family Features 16-Mbit/s Performance
  • Communications: 20-Port 10GbE Switch IC Includes Serial SerDes
  • Components: Custom Connectors Can Shorten Development Times
  • Power: Controller Drives N-Channel MOSFETs With No External Gate Supply
  • Wireless: 3G Short-Range Radio Modules Offer Higher Power Output

    Check out all of our online product picks at ElectronicDesign.com.

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