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*************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Increased Density and Speed from SFP Connectors A complete SFP solution is available from Molex with the addition of a stacked, multi-port connector which offers increased port density, up to 12 ports and an integrated lightpipe option. In recognition of the networking and storage industry's increasing speed demands, the SFP product accommodates speeds up to 10 Gbps. When looking for a broad line of SFP solutions, look to Molex. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7DC:484C79 **************************************************************** Today's Table Of Contents: 1. Industry View *Needed: Low-Cost, Secure Non-Volatile Embedded Memory 2. Focus On Power *Charge Pump Powers White-LED Flash Applications 3. News From The Editors *Processing And Material Advances Steal The Spotlight At IEDM *Ultra-Mini Crystal Resonator Suits Portable Devices *PCs, Consumer Goods To Drive Semiconductor Growth 4. Magazine Highlights: November 17, 2005 *Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- Speed-Merchant UWB Ushers In Wireless Video *Technology Report -- An Out-Of-Box Experience: Development Kits *Leapfrog: First Look -- Digital-IBA Controller Morphs To Monolithic *Leapfrog: First Look -- Tiny 10-A POL Module Needs Less Bulk Capacitance *Design View/Design Solution -- Minimize The Cost Impact Of Your Power-Factor-Correction Circuit Electronic Design UPDATE edited by Lisa Maliniak, eMedia Editor mailto:[email protected] **************************************************************** ********************** 1. Industry View -- Exclusive to Electronic Design UPDATE ********************** Needed: Low-Cost, Secure Non-Volatile Embedded Memory Charles Ng, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Kilopass Technology Non-volatile memory (NVM) serves several purposes, including storing processor firmware, encryption keys, PINs, and ID numbers. The two primary NVM technologies in use today are ROM and flash. While both have desirable characteristics, each also has its shortcomings that limit its applicability to many types of new products... Read the full article at http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7DD:484C79 **************************************************************** *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Digi's Interchangeable Wi-Fi & Wired Modules Reduce time to market and minimize design risk by adding embedded 10/100Base-T and 802.11b Ethernet in a single product design. Digi Connect ME is pin-compatible and interchangeable with Digi Connect Wi-ME, offering a future-proof, customizable solution. Built on NetSilicon 32-bit NET+ARM technology, they provide a seamless migration path to a fully integrated system-on-chip solution. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7DE:484C79 **************************************************************** *******************Live on ElecDesign.com*********************** Free Web Seminar: RoHS -- The Manager's Role November 30, 2005 at 2:00 pm ET Register now for this important Web seminar that will help you identify and explore the decisions your company will need to make to ensure compliance with the Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=18C45:484C79 Free eBook: Black-Box Approach To ADCs This eBook provides a black-box approach to the traditional analog-to-digital coverter (ADC) tutorial. It concentrates on the common characteristics of all ADCs and what they imply for the system-level designer. Download the first chapter today! http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1975B:484C79 **************************************************************** ********************** 2. Focus On Power ********************** ***Charge Pump Powers White-LED Flash Applications Targeting cell-phone designers embedding high-end cameras in their products, the AAT3172 charge pump IC for white-LED flash applications supplies up to 600 mA of output current across dual regulated current sinks. Each LED channel can be programmed in 32 steps with a single GPIO output to support fine adjustment of brightness. The interface also can be programmed to provide a regulated voltage instead of current for additional system loads. The AAT3172 is a tri-mode device that maximizes efficiency by combining a load-switch (1x), fractional (1.5x), and doubling (2x) capability with an internal sensing circuit to match the output to LED requirements. The 1x and 1.5x modes allow minimum current draw from the battery during lower LED current operations such as torch or movie light, which function for a much longer period of time than the flash mode. The AAT3172 charge pump is available now in a lead-free, thermally enhanced, 12-pin, 3- by 3-mm TDFN package. It sells for $1.82 each in 1000-piece quantities. Advanced Analogic Technologies ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7DF:484C79 ********************** 3. News -- From The Editors ********************** ***Processing And Material Advances Steal The Spotlight At IEDM Next week's 51st IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting in Washington, D.C., will provide a glimpse into the future of IC technology. Invited presentations from STMicroelectronics, Stanford University, and Toshiba Corp. are scheduled to open the conference by examining microelectromechanical systems (MEMS); the scaling, power, and future of CMOS; and the past and future of information displays, respectively. Also, the wide range of presentations will cover many aspects of fabrication. Highlights of the show will include... Read the full article at http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E0:484C79 ***Ultra-Mini Crystal Resonator Suits Portable Devices Mounted inside a tiny, robust ceramic package, the NKS3 series quartz crystal resonator is designed for use in portable electronic applications such as small form-factor hard-disk drives, GPS devices, and portable multimedia players or recorders. The crystal resonators feature operating frequencies from 14 to 54 MHz and are contained in a hermetically sealed 3.2- by 2.5-mm ceramic package. Despite their small size, the NKS3 crystals achieve a relatively low electrostatic resistance and +/-10-ppm accuracy over commercial operating temperatures. Lead times range from stock to eight weeks, and prices start around $0.55 for 10,000 pieces. The crystals are available on tape and reel for automated pick-and-place assembly. They comply with the Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. And, they're compatible with lead-free reflow soldering guidelines. SaRonix ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E1:484C79 ***PCs, Consumer Goods To Drive Semiconductor Growth Thanks in large part to anticipated growth in the PC and consumer markets, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) predicts that worldwide chip sales will advance past the $300 billion mark by 2008. That's a 45% increase over the $213 billion record set in 2004 and a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10% for the three-year forecast period. In 2006, the fastest-growing end markets will be PCs with a forecasted unit growth of 10%, cell phones at 13%, digital cameras at 9%, digital televisions at 52%, and MP3 players at 52%. These burgeoning consumer markets are expanding demand for DSP chips, flash memory, and power-management devices. In fact, DSPs are expected to be the fastest-growing major segment of the semiconductor market with 17.2% growth in 2006. Semiconductor Industry Association ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E2:484C79 **************************************************************** *************************ADVERTISEMENT************************** Design Example Simplifies Your PoE Solution Complete your next PoE PD design in the shortest time and lowest cost possible with design idea DI-88 from Power Integrations, using our DPA-Switch DC-DC converter ICs. The power supply controller, fault protection circuitry and 220 V power MOSFET are monolithically combined onto one chip. PoE circuitry is easily incorporated into an economical solution with a low component count. See for yourself. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E3:484C79 **************************************************************** ********************** 4. Magazine Highlights ********************** In case you missed them, here are some of the high points of our most recent issue. November 17, 2005: * Cover Story: Engineering Feature -- Speed-Merchant UWB Ushers In Wireless Video Despite its short range (less than 10 m), Ultra-Wideband and its up-to-1-Gbit/s data rate is a perfect fit for wireless streaming video. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E4:484C79 * Technology Report -- An Out-Of-Box Experience: Development Kits Low-cost development kits are indispensable when performing hands-on evaluation of new technology. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E5:484C79 * Leapfrog: First Look -- Digital-IBA Controller Morphs To Monolithic This second-generation controller handles up to 32 digital POLs, four simple LDOs, fans, and so on. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E6:484C79 * Leapfrog: First Look -- Tiny 10-A POL Module Needs Less Bulk Capacitance A step-down regulator that can hide behind boards enters the point-of-load battleground. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E7:484C79 * Design View/Design Solution -- Minimize The Cost Impact Of Your Power-Factor-Correction Circuit Transition-mode PFC is the simpler and lower-cost approach, but if you need 300 W or more, consider continuous-current-mode PFC circuits. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E8:484C79 For the complete Table of Contents, go to Electronic Design ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7E9:484C79 **************************************************************** EiED Online -- Zigbee Kits Embedded in Electronic Design (EiED) Online is your source for technical insight and hands-on reviews. Read Technology Editor Bill Wong's latest EiED Online column, "ZigBee Kits." ZigBee is taking off. Bill takes a look at three two-chip development kits from Ember, Silicon Labs, and Microchip that help you take to the airwaves. http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=1A7EA:484C79 ********************** TAKE A POLL! Does the U.S. government spend enough money on scientific research and development? -- Yes, R&D spending is adequate -- No, the U.S. should put more money into R&D Vote at Electronic Design ==> http://news.electronicdesign.com/t?ctl=15410:484C79 ****************************************************************




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