Electronic Design

Embedded Systems Cases Feature EMC Shielding

Thanks to integral electromagnetic compatibility shielding, the RatiopacPRO series of space-saving multifunctional system cases makes for a good fit in measurement, instrumentation, and control applications. The 19-in. subrack solutions are designed to meet IEEE 1101.10 specifications. The use of a common internal framework for all RatiopacPRO cases enables designers to finish developing a system before selecting either a portable desktop case or a 19-in. plug-in unit. Users can select either space-optimized units (3U, 4U, or 6U) or units with integral ventilation (4U, 5U, or 7U). The RatiopacPRO internal framework consists of extruded aluminum rails mounted between aluminum side panels and support brackets. Three different side-panel designs are optimized for light weight, high mechanical stress, or design flexibility. Basic units provide electromagnetic compatibility attenuation of greater than 25 dB at 1 GHz; increased electromagnetic compatibility shielding is also available. The cases' symmetric design enables users to plug in modules from the front or back without removing the cover plates. Pricing for the RatiopacPRO system cases starts at $150 each.

www.schroff.us; (888) 550-9543

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