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EMC Filters Offer DIN-Rail Mounting Options

EMC Filters Offer DIN-Rail Mounting Options

The company’s EMC-filter portfolio now includes DIN-rail mounting options for one- and three-phase filters. They are particularly suitable for use on TS35 (EN60715) DIN rails in solar inverters, industrial equipment, and control systems. The DIN rail fixture and fitting concept facilitates snap-in installation of the FMAB Rail, FMBB Rail, FMAD Rail, and FMAD Rail filters. The one-phase filter Series FMAB Rail offers current ratings ranging from 10A to 20A and the one-phase, two-Stage FMBB Rail has a current range of 1A to 10A. Both are designed for 1 x 250 Vac installations. The rated current of the FMAC Rail three-phase filter and FMAD Rail three-phase filter with neutral line ranges from 3A to 20A and are designed for use in 3 x 277/480 Vac installations. SCHURTER INC., Santa Rosa, CA. (800) 848-2600.

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