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EMI Filters Offer Range Of Options

The R series EMI filters provide a wide range of electrical noise attenuation curves in metal cases with convenient connection options and are available in both single-phase and three-phase versions. Current ratings for single-phase units range from 0.5A up to 300A with line voltages up to 250 Vac or dc and leakage currents of 1 mA. Low leakage models are available with 10 µA of leakage current at 250 Vac, 60 Hz. Three-phase filters have current ratings from 6A up to 1 kA with line voltages up to 500 Vac or dc. Maximum leakage current is 2.5 mA at 250 Vac, 60Hz or 5 mA at 500 Vac, 60 Hz. Additionally, three-phase filters are safety certified to UL1283 up to 150A and EN60939 up to 300A. Pricing for the R series EMI filters starts at $7.50 each/100. TDK-LAMBDA, San Diego, CA. (800) 575-4400.


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