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EMI Gasket Materials Provide Protection

Providing greater than 75 dB of EMI shielding performance from 200 MHz to 10 GHz are form-in-place EMI gasket materials developed for automated dispensing systems to produce durable EMI shielding gaskets. The gaskets have excellent adhesion to a variety of metals, alloys, plating and coatings, eliminating the need for space-consuming mechanical retention systems.Cho-Form 3.0 material is a silver-plated copper-filled silicone with a low 85°C cure temperature. Cho-Form 4.0 material is a nickel-graphite-filled-silicone formulated to reduce galvanic activity between a housing and its EMI gasket. Cho-Form 5.0 material is a Ag/Cu-filled silicone that cures at room temperature.

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