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EMI Gaskets Include Conductive Adhesive Backings

The company's EMI shielding silicone-rubber gaskets employ cushioning pads with electrically con- ductive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesives on the back. A proprietary low-viscosity primer is applied to the silicone-rubber gaskets prior to attaching the acrylic adhesives. The primer is compatible with #9713 conductive fabric acrylic adhesive from 3M Corp., as well as #1692 conductive particle filled acrylic adhesive from Venture Tapes. For the gaskets, Rogers’ EC2130 and EC2040 nickel-graphite filled silicone rubber is a compressible 30 and 40 durometer conductive gasket material. Additionally, the company's SNE555 nickel-graphite filled silicone rubber, SGE565 silver plated glass filled silicone rubber, and SSE586 silver plated aluminum filled silicone rubber are available with conductive acrylic adhesives. For more details, call STOCKWELL RUBBER COMPANY INC., Philadelphia, PA. (800) 523-0123.


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