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Enclosure Represents Thermal Management Breakthrough

Enclosure Represents Thermal Management Breakthrough

Compared to traditional aluminum chassis, Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems’ patent pending CoolWall technology for thermal management of embedded computing enclosures exhibits a greater than 2x improvement in payload power cooling. CoolWall is based on a proprietary mixture of metal composite materials, which delivers a dramatically higher thermal conductivity at a weight significantly lighter than aluminum. Using the company’s baseplate-cooled Hybricon SFF-6 enclosure, a 2.4x increase in thermal conductivity is evident at the chassis level (a 2.4x decrease in sidewall temperature rise) along with a 10% weight decrease as compared to aluminum construction. Initial test results show an approximate 9°C temperature rise of the chassis rails at 67W/slot power dissipation. For more details, call Maria Antal at CURTISS-WRIGHT CONTROLS ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, Fairborn, OH. (978) 952-2017 or [email protected]

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