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Enclosures Integrate Removable Card Cage

Made of lightweight, anodized aluminum, the DuraChassis line of PC/104 enclosures claims to be the first of its kind to integrate a removable railed card cage sub-assembly. Designed to mitigate shock and to permit easy removal of cards, the extruded aluminum enclosures are aimed at embedded system applications in the industrial, medical, military, aerospace and transportation fields. Their design eliminates the need for traditional standoffs and spacers, with PC/104 modules alternatively securely held in an aluminum card cage using four solid points of attachment. Access to any PC/104 module in the card stack is achieved by removing four bolts on the card cage. The DuraChassis comes in four standard lengths: 6", 8", 10", and 12" to accommodate up to five, eight, 11, and 14 PC/104 cards, respectively. The bottom of the unit incorporates dovetailed grooves for mating with an optional aluminum baseplate, allowing the enclosure to be mounted to a wall or bulkhead. PARVUS CORP., Salt Lake City, UT. (801) 483-1533.


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