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Encoder Cable Solves Problems, Extends Reach

The MR121 encoder cable promises to resolve ground loop and interference problems in motion control systems, while extending the distance between the encoder and controller.Functioning like a standard electrical encoder cable, users replace existing controller-to-sensor connections with the MR121 with no need for redesign. The cable is based on the company's ZapFREE technology that provides transport of all signals from end-to-end via standard, 12-pole M23 electrical connectors. Additionally, optical fiber is employed to extend the distance between the controller and sensor to distances exceeding 1 km. Available in any length from 3m to 1 km, price for a 15m cable is $589 each/100. For more details, contact Dennis Horwitz at MICRONOR INC., Newbury Park, CA., (805) 499-0114.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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