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Encoders Elevate Linear-Motor Measurement Accuracy

Encoders Elevate Linear-Motor Measurement Accuracy

Featuring a postage-stamp-sized scanning unit along with high accuracy, Heidenhan’s incremental exposed linear encoders will likely fit the needs of stage manufacturers or anyone using linear motors in machine designs. The LIF400 series encoders, which travel up to one meter, maintain a scale accuracy grade of ±3 µm. They can handle both coarse and fine measurements (4 µm down to 10 nm of resolution), and limited-space installations or those with large mounting tolerance requirements. SUPRADUR grating offers high tolerance to contamination, such as oil, dust, and fingerprints—precisely measured layers of glass and reflective material prevent contaminants from interfering with the light-based, non-contact scanning principle. Optical limit switches allow users to place limits anywhere on the scale, as well as closely mount the scale to a motor. The scale also has a separate homing track with an integrated reference mark to locate the scanning unit upon power up.


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