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Endevco’s SMT Accelerometers Withstand Up To 60 kg

\[August 10, 2006\] For extreme applications, the model 71 series subminiature, surface-mount, piezo-resistive accelerometers employ a rugged, un-damped design for shock measurements from 6 kg to 60 kg and specify sensitivities from 3 to 30 mV/g. The device’s sensing system, micro-machined from a single piece of silicon, includes the inertial mass and strain gages arranged in an active, four-arm Wheatstone bridge circuit paired with a unique zero-balance network. Specifying resonant frequencies from 180 kHz to 700 kHz and zero damping, the component promises to respond accurately to fast rise time, short-duration shock events common to munitions fusing, kinetic-impact testing, and high-shock component test applications. With a frequency response extending down to dc, it is also suitable for measuring long-duration transients. ENDEVCO, San Juan Capistrano, CA. (949) 493-8181.

Company: ENDEVCO

Product URL: Click here for more information

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