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ET's Oscillators Offer Options

The SMA-DIP and SMB-DIP converters plus two variable oscillators allows users to replace fixed-frequency crystal oscillators with a variable oscillator or signal generator with the same footprint. The AB004DIP.3SMA1 and AB004DIP.3SMB1 converters allow a signal generator with SMA or SMB outputs to connect directly to the DIP, while the VROSDIP4.301030 (1 MHZ to 30 MHz) and VROSDIP4.320165 (20 MHz to 165 MHz) variable oscillators in half-can DIPs can replace standard crystal oscillators for system development, testing or debug. Shared features include the ability to fine tune reference frequencies during development and to use different reference frequencies during test/characterization. Single-unit prices for the converters and oscillators are $48.15 and $139.10, respectively. An oscillator-adjustment tool costs $5.25. EMULATION TECHNOLOGY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 232-7837.


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