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Evolution of the HIP2100

Intersil’s HIP2100 half-bridge driver has been a staple for system designers since 1995. Eliminating the need for heat sinks and enabling the use of lower-cost MOSFETs, the high-efficiency HIP2100 helped reduce power dissipation reliably in designs of all shapes and sizes. Then a decade ago, the company introduced a new smaller thermally enhanced package, complying with the standards at the time for 0.6 mm of space between high-voltage nodes to ensure long-term system reliability. 

Now, in 2014, the family gets another update with the introduction of the HIP2103/4 half-bridge, full-bridge drivers that extend power usage and overall product life of multi-cell lithium-ion (Li) battery devices operating from 5 to 50 V. The bridge drivers’ configurable topology enables half-bridge, full-bridge, and three-phase motor-driven applications.

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