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F2912 Is First in New Family of RF Products

The F2912 switch from Integrated Device Technology (IDT) is the first in a line of new radio-frequency (RF) switch products planned by the semiconductor company. The F2912 offers a combination of low insertion loss, high isolation, and linearity that make it an ideal choice for base stations (2G, 3G, and 4G), microwave backhaul and front haul, test equipment, CATV head-end, WiMAX radios, wireless systems, and general switching applications.

The F2912 supports the latest system requirements for multiple applications with features that include:

· Frequency range of 300 kHz to 8 GHz, achieving broad bandwidth without sacrificing performance across the entire frequency range.

· Low IL of 0.4 dB, providing low path loss without compromising isolation performance.

· High isolation of 60 db at 2 GHz to reduce signal leakage between adjacent RF port paths.

· High OIP3 of +64 dBm to reduce intermodulation distortion.

· P1dB of 30 dBm, providing 1-W compression point, ensuring rugged operation for a variety of applications.

· 3.3-  and 1.8-V control logic consistent with common FPGA and microcontroller logic levels.

· Operating temperature range of -55 to 125°C for high reliability in harsh thermal environments.


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