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Faceplates Offer More Options

Faceplates Offer More Options

The company now offers a wider range of standard front-panel options for its KM6 sub racks and its 19” and Eurocard-based metal enclosures. Factory customization services and bespoke panel fabrication with multi-color screen printing, engraving, cut-outs, polyester overlays, viewing windows and custom finishes, plus a wide range of tooled support products such as card-mounting brackets, handles, gaskets, and sealing strips enable rapid modification to meet specific requirements. Unshielded panels are available in either pre-anodized, 2.5-mm aluminum, fitted with plastic screw mounting bushes or an anodized front face, a chromated rear face, and metal fixing bushes. Also, 3U and 6U heights are standard and widths vary from 2HP to full width 84HP. All sizes are available as plain blanking panels with the fixings or as kits complete with handles. Plastic or metal PCB mounting brackets are also available. VEROTEC INC., Londonderry, NH. (603) 821-9921.


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