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Fast-Switching Relays Provide Long Lifetimes

Because they can perform hundreds of operations per minute, the company’s solid-state relays are suited to applications demanding fast, repetitive switching of power loads. Relays are available in two types: traditional hockey-puck style and DIN-rail-mounted versions with built-in heat sinks. The former are offered in a 10A to 75A range, while DIN-rail types are available from 20A to 100A for single-phase switching. A three-phase model can switch up to 30A/phase.Also offered are larger DIN-rail types (50A, 75A and 100A) that have a standard feature that shuts the relays down when an overtemperature condition arises. A built-in, replaceable semiconductor fuse further protects these relays from catastrophic failures caused by short circuits.

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