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Fast-Tripping Resettable Fuses Can Protect USB Circuits

Tripping up to three times faster and having a 20% lower resistance than first generation PolySwitch RUSB devices, RUSB075 and RUSB120 resettable fuses are designed to protect USB circuits in computers and peripherals from the hazards of short circuits and faults that can occur in plug-and-play environments. In fact, the fuses are said to trip fast enough- even in a low-wattage power supply hub design- to protect circuits during an over-current event and prevent the supply from shutting down. For example, the RUSB075 device at 4A will trip in less than one second. PolySwitch RUSB fuses have hold currents of from 0.75A to 2/5A and a maximum rating of 6V at 40A.

Company: RAYCHEM CORP. - Electronics OEM Components Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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