Electronic Design

Fasteners Hold Compact Electronics Together

The microPEM family is particularly suitable for applications in compact electronic assemblies, enabling quicker assembly of devices ranging from hand-held consumer electronics to medical equipment. Standard types include PEM Type MSO4 self-clinching standoffs and PEM Type MPP self-clinching locating pins. Additional microPEM fastener types from tack pins to screws are also on tap. Type MSO4 standoffs for spacing applications use 400 Series stainless steel with threads as small as M1.0 / #00 and are available in lengths as short as 2 mm. The Type MPP micro pins for locating/positioning apps employ age-hardened A286 stainless steel and come with diameters down to 1 mm and in lengths as short as 2 mm. PENNENGINEERING, Danboro, PA. (800) 237-4736.

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