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Fiber-Optic Bus Adapter Provides cPCI-To-VME Connectivity

DMA rates up to 35 Mbytes/s, very low latency, deterministic response and transparent operation are all provided by the Model 628 bus-to-bus adapter. The fiber-optic module is for applications requiring CompactPCI-to-VMEbus connectivity in environments that call for noise immunity, electrical safety, isolation and separation of up to 500 meters.When directly connected by the Model 628 adapter, the VMEbus and CompactPCI bus operate as one, it's claimed. At the hardware level, the adapter translates cPCI bus signals into VMEbus signals and vice versa. Users reap the benefits of new cPCI designs while retaining use of legacy VMEbus I/O.The adapter supports two methods of intersystem communication: memory mapping and DMA. Memory mapping controls random access (PIO) transfers. The unit supports random-access reads and writes from the cPCI system to the VMEbus, from the cPCI bus to optional dual-port RAM, and from the VMEbus to the cPCI bus.

Company: SBS TECHNOLOGIES INC. - Connectivity Products

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