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Fiber-Optic EMI Adapters Increase Shielding To —50 dB At 4 GHz

EMI emissions from front-panel equipment may be limited by a new series of fiber-optic EMI shielding adapters. These adapters increase shielding effectiveness to greater than −50 dB at 4 GHz. Their patented shutter system provides excellent dust protection as well as eye safety features. Two mounting orientations are available: The traditional straight orientation meets standard mounting dimensions, and the 45° angled orientation permits a lower cable exit profile with a unique cutout for each adapter. Screw- or snap-mounting adapters are offered for greater flexibility. Pricing for the adapters starts at $12.94 each, depending on configuration and quantity.

Molex Fiber Optics
www.molex.com/fiber; (630) 512-8787

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