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Fiber-Optic MEMS Pressure Transducer Eyes Medical Apps

Employing a proprietary white light interferometric interrogation technique, the Model FOP-M-055-300 fiber-optic microelectromechanical system (MEMS) pressure sensor is designed for use in medical applications and in particular for making in-vivo catheter physiological measurements. This ultra-miniature fiber-optic device is said to deliver high fidelity performance under adverse electrical interference conditions.
When packaged in a catheter housing, the device is well-suited for in-vivo blood pressure, intrauterine and intracranial measurements where high accuracy, ultra small size and low cost is required in either disposable or reusable applications. The devices are accurate at 25°C to ±1% of reading or 1 mm Hg, which ever is greater, and exhibit an extremely low drift over time. Temperature sensitivity over the sensor's 20°C to 80°C operating temperature range is <0.2 mm Hg per °C. Pricing is $20.00 each in OEM volumes and prototype units are available from stock.


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