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Filter/Ventilator Systems Cool And Dust-Proof Enclosures

Touted as an inexpensive way to cool, dust-proof or pressurize electric and electrical enclosures, the Electra-Kool filter/ventilator systems forcefully blow cooler, finely filtered ambient air into the enclosure. Built-up heat, generated by internal components, exits via louvered vent(s) that accompany each system. The systems also include an air deflector to direct cooler air toward hot spots and an in/out thermometer with 10' lead, so the internal temperature can be monitored without opening the enclosure door. Five sizes of Electra-Kool systems are available to cool enclosures up to 1,000 cu. ft. in size. All are equipped with a long lasting filter system. This includes a polyester pre-filter and a micronic pleated paper final filter with a large surface area.


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