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“Finned” High-Power Wirewound Resistors Save PCB Space

“Finned” High-Power Wirewound Resistors Save PCB Space


Surface-mount wirewound resistors developed by Ohmite Manufacturing, one at 5 W and the other at 7 W, are targeted for high-power-density applications. The RW5 and RW7 resistors feature a “finned” body style to maximize surface area, and therefore cooling capacity. The finned design opens up more surface area on the resistor body, enabling greater power dissipation. Resistance drift is less than 1% over 1000 hours of continuous operation, which leads to very tight tolerances and high power ratings. A special flat zone on the top-center of the resistor specifically addresses pick-and-place operations. Other features include a wide resistance range and low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR).


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