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Flat Filter Fans Fit For Outdoor Telecomm Apps

Specifically designed for cooling enclosures housing telecomm systems, this line of super flat fans runs off of 48 Vdc and provides protection from dust and moisture. Air displacement performance ranges from 12 to 135 cfm, including the derating effect of the built-in filter, louver and finger guards. When covered with company's water-guard hoods, the fans provide NEMA 3R type protection and can withstand outdoor elements. Capable of being mounted on the enclosure door or wall, the filter fans cool and prevent humidity build-up by pulling in cooler ambient air and exhausting the heated air from the enclosure. And the extremely flat profile of the fans is said to cool the enclosures without interfering with the function of their contents. The 48 Vdc filter fans complement an existing line of fans that operate with ac power.

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