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Flexible Cable Outfits Disposable Hearing Aids

The company’s highly flexible flat cable appears to be the key ingredient for creating the Songbird, reportedly the world’s first disposable hearing aid. The miniature flat cable runs from the behind-the-ear body to the micro-speaker earpiece, which is user-adjustable for length and fit. The two-conductor cable utilizes finely-braided copper wire with base stranding of 60 AWG. While flexible, the cable is strong enough to mechanically hold the earpiece and retains reliable tensile strength. Other features of the cable include clear silicone jacketing that is water and sweat resistant and is completely inert. Additionally, the combination of copper wires, a translucent silicone jacket, and a thin form factor enable the miniature flex cable to blend naturally with a wide range of skin tones. Cables with silicone jacketing are suitable for a wide range of health and medical applications and are available in virtually any configuration with conductor sizes ranging from 4 to 44 AWG. CICOIL CORP., Valencia, CA. (661) 295-1295.


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