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Flexible Connectors Ensure Retention In Tight Quarters

By way of a high-retention, rotary-locking mechanism, the latest series flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors promise easy operation and secure mounting in tight workspaces. The XF3H is a 0.3-mm pitch connector with a profile of 0.9 mm and a depth of 3.2 mm. Its gold-plated contacts are rated at 0.2A at 50 Vac/dc, and the connector supports a 0.2-mm cable thickness with 25, 35, 39, and 57 pins. The XF2K is a 0.4-mm pitch model with a profile of 0.9 mm and depth of 3.2 mm. Its gold -plated, double-sided contacts are rated at 0.2A at 50 Vac/dc, and it accepts 0.2-mm thick cables with 57 pins. The XF2W is a 0.5-mm pitch version with a profile of 1.1 mm and depth of 3.5 mm. This connector sports gold-plated, double-sided contacts rated at 0.5A at 50 Vac/dc and accepts 0.3-mm thick cable with 16, 20, 24, and 64 pins. Both the XF2K and XF2W have rotary back-lock mechanisms. All versions are available on tape and reel with prices ranging from $0.65 to $1.32 each/1,000. OMRON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS LLC, Schaumburg, IL. (847) 882-2288.


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