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Flow Cell's Flexible Integration Facilitates Optimal Process Monitoring

Built for use in rugged high temperatures and pressures, a new modular multi-purpose flow cell has a flexible design that lets users specify key characteristics to optimize the cell. Characteristics include wavelength range, path length, probe body material and O-ring material. Claimed to be ideal for process streams or bypass loops less than 2" in diameter, the flow cell couples with the company’s UV-VIS-NIR process analyzers for reliable process monitoring. A sturdy body and impervious optical windows perform in temperatures up to 230°C and 500 psi. Peak transmission typically exceeds 40%, resulting in more signal and better information about the sample. Users can quickly access the flow cell's windows through a built-in port for easy cleaning. The flow cell is unaffected by hydrocarbons and polymers, making it especially effective for reliable petrochemical process analysis.


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