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Four-Leg Tactile Domes Offer Higher Cycle Rates

Four-Leg Tactile Domes Offer Higher Cycle Rates

The SQ-Series of tactile dome switch contacts from Snaptron feature a four-leg design essentially square in shape. The wide design offers benefits over traditional tactile domes including a cycle rate of 10 million—twice that of Snaptron’s typical standard domes. The SQ domes allow high actuation forces relative to their size; a typical 12 mm four-leg design (“star shape”) can be manufactured with a maximum trip force in the 400g-450g range before the life of the dome begins to diminish. The series will initially feature nine standard part numbers, ranging in sizes from 4mm-12mm in stainless steel with nickel plating to improve contact resistance. Custom-sized domes can also be manufactured.


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