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Frequency Control Chips Feature Stability and Accuracy

The Si550 and Si530 are crystal oscillator (XO) and voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) integrated circuits for replacing multiple discrete phase-locked loop (PLL) devices in networking, base stations, test and measurement and other applications. The devices rely on a patented technology to simplify clock multiplication and jitter attenuation circuitry in high-speed communications applications. The technology allows a single CMOS IC to replace a complex resonator for frequency control and tuning. Total frequency stability over time and temperature is claimed as twice as good as with traditional high-frequency, low-jitter oscillators. There is also a significant improvement in initial frequency accuracy compared to SAW or crystal resonators. Both devices operate over a frequency range of 10 MHz to 1.4 GHz with less than 0.35 ps of jitter. They are supplied in an industry-standard 7 mm x 5 mm surface-mount package. Depending on the feature set, pricing for both types ranges from $6.00 each to $86.40 each/1,000. SILICON LABORATORIES INC., Austin, TX. (512) 532-5756.


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