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Fujitsu 4" Thermal Printer Accelerates Label Output

Groomed for portable label printing applications, the FTP-648MCL103/104 series thermal printer features a 50-mm/s print speed with a 150 dpi resolution. The lock-lever releasable and detachable platen eases paper loading and maintenance. The component weighs 160g, measures 139.5 mm x 40.5 mm x 20.5 mm, and accommodates paper stock 80 to 115 microns thick in the curved paper path and 80 to 150 microns in the straight paper path. Other features include an RS-232C or USB interface, error detection, a print-head life span of 100 million pulses or 50 km of paper, platen life of 5,000 cycles, and an operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C. A variety of Windows drivers are available for download from the company's website. Price is $62.50 each/1,000. FUJITSU COMPONENTS AMERICA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 380-0059.


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