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Fully Redundant 1U MicroTCA Chassis Delivers More Slots

Fully Redundant 1U MicroTCA Chassis Delivers More Slots

By leveraging several design concepts to maximize computing density, VadaTech’s 1U MicroTCA chassis platform allows for more slots in a front-to-rear cooled solution while maintaining full redundancy. The VT840 combines the fan trays and power supplies on the rear of the chassis, enabling six Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) slots in a single module size. The six slots are divided among two sets of three slots for full-redundancy options with failover. Each set of slots have their own dedicated PCIe Fabric, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), power module, clock structure, and management. The mezzanine approach of its dual integrated shelf managers make possible various front-panel I/O options in a compact, dedicated space. The chassis has quad SFP+ ports for 10 GbE and quad SFP for GbE; it runs x8 PCIe Gen 3 on port 4 to 11. In addition, Layer 2-managed GbE base channels are routed across ports 0 and 1.


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