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Fuse And Holder Combo Protects Photovoltaic Systems

Fuse And Holder Combo Protects Photovoltaic Systems

The ASO series fuse and FSO series fuse holder protect dc applications from the effects of low short circuits and over-voltage conditions in systems upwards of 1 kVdc. Both components are tailored for use in grid or off-grid solar strings, inverters, battery chargers, and combiner boxes. Quick acting according to UL 248-14, the ASO is a standard midget fuse measuring 10.3 mm x 38 mm offering current ratings from 1A to 30A with a breaking capacity of 20 kA and an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. The fuse holder mounts in a standard 35-mm DIN Rail. The ASO and FSO are sold separately with pricing for a combination fuse and fuse holder being less than $20 each/100. SCHURTER INC., Santa Rosa, CA. (800) 848-2600.


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