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Fuse System Touts Low MaintenancE

Targeting apps that requier exchangeable fuses, the X-SMQ series SMT fuse system consists of SMQ fuses assembled into a fuse holder. The system is said to ease installation via pick-and-place techniques and allows the easy exchange and replacement of blown fuses without needing to de-solder the SMT fuses. Available in both quick acting and time lag fusing versions, the UL-recognized X-SMQ Series is rated for applications up to 125V. Current ratings range from 62 mA to 7A. The holder/fuse system is compatible with IR reflow soldering processes and is available in 1,500-piece blister tape packages. Price is $0.49 each/OEM quantities. For more details, call Tim Boldt at WICKMANN USA INC., Atlanta, GA. (800) 553-7894.


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