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Fuses Eliminate Layout Changes To Meet Standards

For designers confronted with the task of specifying time-delay or fast acting fuses that meet Ul/CSA or IEC standards, the 1025 series Brick fuses come in both types meeting North American and European standards but come in one size only-10.29 mm x 2.77 mm2. This approach eliminates the need to alter pad layouts when offering the same product for international distribution. The 1025TD time-delay and 1015FA fast-acting fuses meet UL and CSA requirements and the 1025T time-delay and 1025F fast-acting components meet IEC standards with Semko and VDE approval. Time-delay fuses include 250 mA through 5A full-load current ratings and the fast acting components are rated from 250 mA to 15A. For further information and prices, call COOPER ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES, Boynton Beach, FL. (561) 752-5000.

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