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Gear Tooth Speed Sensor Integrates IC And Magnet

Claiming superiority to traditional single element gear-tooth speed sensors, the ATS665 sensor integrates a samarium cobalt magnet and a Hall-effect IC in a single step, over-molded package. This approach is said to eliminate variations in the back-biased field and air voids. In addition, close proximity of the magnet to the IC allows for higher operating temperatures. When power is applied to the component, a short calibration cycle ensues after which it is ready to profile the gear. According to the company, no additional optimization or extensive processing circuitry are required. The sensor employs an algorithm that tracks the peaks of the signal and then sets the switching thresholds. These thresholds are established as a percentage of the peaks in order to maintain switch points around the zero crossing. This feature is said to minimize the impact of signal variation on switching accuracy. Pricing for the ATS665 is $1.95 each/100,000 with a 12 week lead time. For more details, contact ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS INC., Worcester, MA. (508) 853-5000


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