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Geartooth Sensors Use Hall-Effect Technology

Using solid-state, Hall-effect technology, HE615500 Geartooth Sensors directly sense rotating ferrous gear-type targets such as web speed and power transmission gears. They also sense the speed and position of various types of conveyors. The units provide zero speed sensing and are able to sense various tooth sizes over a wide range of air gaps without specially constructed targets. The sensor use a Hall-effect IC that works with a permanent magnet to supply a bias field, making the units less susceptible to supply and ground noise interference and protecting them against reverse battery conditions and transients. Capable of operating over a wide temperature and supply range, the sensors are ready to use and require no external electronics to process the digital output signal. The open collector output can sink 20 mA and drive signals over wire lengths of up to 50 feet. Operating voltage is 4.5 to 24 vdc.


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