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Go Mobile With Light, Rugged 19-in. Cabinet

The M2 series of modular 19-in. cabinet enclosures from Optima EPS balances light weight and ruggedness. The aluminum-frame enclosures come in 52-to 77-in. heights and depths to 42 in., and they're configurable in multibay systems. The series conforms to MILSTD-810F for a deployed transportation environment.

Customers can specify the M2 series to various levels of ruggedness, depending on their application. Heavy-duty single or double-walled extrusions, internal reinforcing corner keys, four-way crimped and welded corner sockets and corner members create a tough and reliable environment. For additional security, the enclosures sport rugged front-to-back stiffeners and cross bracing and optional 7-gauge welded steel base, extra thick rails, and ceiling or wall bracing. The bolt-down base allows universal hard-mounting to the floor.

The enclosure is very customizable. Customers can choose from a wide range of industry-standard sizes, cabling, cooling, and power options. Lead time is two weeks. Contact the company for prices.
Optima, an Elma Company

Researchers in the Microelectronics Technologies division at Rohm and Hass Electronic Materials have successfully optimized copper plating additives, enabling customers to "dial in" specific amounts of dopants into ultra-pure copper films. The technology in the Ultrafill 4000 series of levelers and suppressors targets interconnect metallization at the sub-65-nm node. The result is improved via stress migration (VSM) in the L-4000 series of levelers. In the suppressor area, the technology's superior wetting capabilities provide improved gap filling on thin copper seed layers and therefore enhance reliability for both logic and memory processes, according to the company. For more information, go to www.electronicmaterials.rohmhaas.com

New lead-and cadmium-free photovoltaic materials from Ferro Electronic Material Systems will deliver better performance in solar cell applications using silicon wafers less than 180 µm thick. By comparison, current-generation "thin" wafers are 240 µm thick. The material employs a novel aluminum, rear silver, front silver metallization system. The metallizations provide improved electrical performance and can contact emitters with sheet resistivity of 50 to 70 Ω per square. For further details, go to www.ferro.com

Gap Pad 5000S35 from the Berquist Co. is a fiberglass-reinforced filler and polymer featuring a high thermal conductivity. The material exhibits extremely soft characteristics (S-class) while maintaining elasticity and conformability. The fiberglass reinforcement offers easy handling and converting, added electrical isolation, and resistance to punctures, shearing, and tears. The inherent natural tack on both sides assists in application and permits the product to effectively fill air gaps, enhancing the overall thermal performance. Thermal conductivity is 5 W/m-K. The overall result is high performance at low mounting pressures. Contact the company for price and availability. Visit www.bergquistcompany.com for additional information about the Gap Pad 5000S35.

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