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Graphite Heat Sink Tackles Thermal And Weight Issues

Heat sinks based on the company’s eGraf HS-400 material claim to provide a new solution to thermal management. The material, which is made from a composite of natural graphite, has better thermal conductivity than aluminum and weighs 78% less than copper. The fins of the heat sink are made from graphite, while the base is still either copper or aluminum. The graphite fins are bonded to the base with thermally conductive epoxy, keeping the heat sink lightweight. Thermal dissipation works by distributing heat evenly in two dimensions. Thermal conductivity of eGraf HS-400 exceeds 370 W/mK. The heat sinks can be custom designed with the following material combination: copper base/graphite fin, copper base with heat pipes/graphite fin, aluminum base/graphite fin and aluminum base with heat pipes/ graphite fin. GRAFTECH INTERNATIONAL, Wilmington, DE. (302)-778-8227


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