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Hall-Effect Sensors Integrate PWM/SENT Interfaces

Additions to the varioHAL family of Hall-effect sensors with digital interfaces include the HAL 2830 and HAL 2850, both of which integrate a microcontroller, temperature sensor, on-chip compensation, and provide a digital output. The HAL 2850 features a PWM interface while the HAL 2830 offers a SENT interface. The HAL 2850 is programmable to send pulses as slow as 30 per second or as fast as 2,000 per second. The HAL 2830 employs the SAE J2716 SENT standard to transmit sensor information. Using SENT allegedly improves on traditional PWM techniques by providing a reference calibration pulse at the beginning of the signal, and a checksum at the end to detect errors. The HAL 2830 also includes a sensor-status signal and temperature measurement capability. Both devices offer a 12-bit accuracy and are available in TO-92UT packages with an operating temperature range from -40°C to +170°C. MICRONAS SEMICONDUCTORS INC., San Diego, CA. (619) 683-5500.


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