Halogen Lamp Holders Fit All Lamp Positioning Designs

A new line of halogen lamp holders, which can be supplied with customer-specified wiring and connectors, accommodates virtually any lamp positioning design. The lamp holders are offered with back, side, or bottom leads, as well as a host of wire gauges and insulations. Various connector types, with spring-loaded contacts for long life, suit lamps from 25 to 250 V with pin spacing from 1.3 m to 9.5 mm. The holders are available in instrument and commercial grades. Constructed of ceramic bases, they withstand up to 250°C for use with lamps rated 50 W or above. Phenolic bases are available for lamps rated at 35 W or less. Pricing starts at $0.95 each.

Gilway Technical Lamp
www.gilway.com; (781) 935-4442

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