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Handheld Label Printer Offers Speed And Versatility

High-resolution (203 dpi) printing, bar-code capabilities, a wide variety of material configurations, and a top printing speed of one inch per second are among the features said to make the TLS2200 labeling system the fastest and most advanced handheld thermal transfer printer on the market. The unit also boasts of a lightweight (2.75 lb.), easy-to-handle design and a patented "smart cell" label ID technology that permits quick-and-easy label insertion and printing. TLS2200 labeling system can accommodate up to a two-inch label width, employs a self-adjusting printhead that allows for printing on more than 200 labels in 16 different material types, and is said to produce crisp, clear registered labels that do not smear. It also offers rotated text capabilities (90°, 180°, 270°) in up to 14 different text sizes.The printer has modes for translating legends into bar codes, for centering legends on labels, and for repeating legends down wire markers for wrap-around applications.

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